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Foodbank is by far, the largest hunger relief organisation in South Australia.

Last year alone, Foodbank South Australia provided enough food for more than 3,400,000 meals.

Foodbank South Australia is a non-denominational community supported, non-profit organisation which relies on the support of a large network of dedicated people who have a commitment to fulfilling the vision of a South Australia without hunger.

Established in South Australia in 2000, Foodbank South Australia’s core concept remains simple – to feed those in need by redistributing surplus food.

Food growers, manufacturers and processors produce quantities of food which, for various commercial reasons, cannot be sold. The products may be incorrectly labelled, have faulty packaging, be part of a trial run or are not produced to exact specifications.

It is estimated that as much as 30% of all food produced is unsaleable for a variety of reasons.

Increasingly, welfare agencies are involved in an on-going struggle to provide food relief to thousands of people who are dependent on food handouts to supplement their welfare benefits.

Foodbank South Australia is the link between these two groups. Foodbank provides an outlet to food companies for their surplus stock and at the same time, allows community support agencies to save time and resources in the solicitation of nutritious food.

Over the years Foodbank South Australia’s Food Procurement Team has established a strong connection with local food producers, manufacturers and retailers to purchase core staple items at discounted rates. This equips us with the ability to offer to our welfare partners healthy, nutritious, essential food items that should be in everyone’s pantries on a regular, reliable basis.

Hamper packing at Foodbank South Australia's warehouse
Hamper packing at Foodbank South Australia's warehouse
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