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Sourcing Core Staples is the basis of Foodbank’s work. Core staples are the items that everyone should have in their pantries. Those long-life shelf products that we all grew up with: baked beans, rice, pasta, pasta sauces, breakfast cereal, long life milk, tinned fruit and veggies. We source our Core Staples through a number of different ways:

  • our relationship with the local and national Food Industry, retailers and producers enables us to get donations;
  • individuals, schools and workplaces run Food Drives;
  • cash donations from companies and community groups which are used to buy much needed staples;
  • a nation-wide Key Staple Program puts together a number of different companies to manufacture specific products;

On top of that we buy a considerable number of items at discounted rates to make sure that we are able to offer healthy and nutritious food to those who otherwise would go without.

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