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Foodbank rescues edible but surplus food and groceries from the country’s farmers, manufacturers and retailers.

This includes product that is out of specification, close to date code, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging as well as excess stock and deleted lines. Without Foodbank much of this food would simply go to landfill.

We collect the food or food companies deliver their donations to our warehouses around South Australia.

Over 560 charities and 460 schools can access the food and distribute it to adults and children in need as food parcels, school breakfasts, prepared meals and food hampers.

Supply doesn’t always meet demand, however. In particular there is a significant gap between the amount of staple foods rescued and what is needed by the charities to provide filling and nutritious meals. So, in a key staple program we partner with food producers and manufacturers who donate ingredients and services in order to produce, process, package and transport essential items such as breakfast cereals, pasta and sauce and tinned fruit and vegetables.

Financial contributions from the public and corporate sector provide essential funds to cover the elements that cannot be obtained through donations.

Footprint in South Australia


Warehouses in South Australia: Adelaide/ Edwardstown; Mt Gambier; Riverland/ Berri; Whyalla


Community Foodhubs in Bowden, Elizabeth, Edwardstown and Mount Gambier

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