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December 12, 2018

Rebecca is a client of our Mt Gambier Food Hub and currently accesses the service on a weekly basis. A mum to two growing teenagers, Rebecca was referred to the Food Hub needing some additional support.

“It’s hard to manage most of the time but I’m trying to survive and do what I can to make sure my kids have enough,” says Rebecca.

When Rebecca was just 12 her mum left and over the years she has lost close family members, including her support network. Rebecca has struggled to manage and has no one else to turn to when she needs to ask for that extra help.

This is where Foodbank helps.

“Foodbank really has helped me to get by, it helps me out a lot. $30 will go a long way in the Food Hub. I walk out with a full trolley of food, including key staples, frozen food and fresh fruit and vegetables,” she explained.

“Financially, I don’t have enough coming in and no matter how hard I try I haven’t been able to secure a permanent job, I land casual roles but they don’t provide enough hours.”

Rebecca says she didn’t have the best education and left school early. Despite working toward certificates, she doesn’t feel she has the skills or training to get a job, especially with employment opportunities being scarce in the region.

“I have definitely gone without food before to ensure my kids had enough. I want them to have a good education and paying for schooling and for related things adds up. But I won’t let them go without. I want them to have better opportunities than I did.” Rebecca said.

Rebecca loves going to the Food Hub in Mt Gambier and says it feels like a ‘normal’ shopping experience.

“The people at Foodbank are so lovely, they’re always happy and supportive.”

Sadly, Mt Gambier has seen a 100% increase in food out in the last 12 months. Our latest Hunger Report, shows that those living in regional areas are 33% more likely to require food relief.

You can help mums like Rebecca by making a tax deductible donation to Foodbank. Please donate here: www.foodbanksa.org.au/donate

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