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July 5, 2018

The Mount Gambier and District Community Bank has once again thrown its valued support behind the Foodbank Limestone Coast School Breakfast Program, donating a further $10,000 towards the initiative. The donation will allow Foodbank to provide free breakfast foods to 20 schools across the Limestone Coast region. The program assists school-aged children by ensuring they have a healthy start to their school day while also helping to build community spirit in the school environment.

Foodbank SA wants to make sure that South Australian children, regardless of their circumstances, have an equal start in life. A key area of our work is to source and acquire food items to support school based food relief programs across metropolitan Adelaide, as well as regional and remote areas of South Australia, including the APY Lands.

The Foodbank SA School Breakfast Program helps to provide healthy, nutritious food to children who turn up to school hungry. Foodbank SA delivers breakfast foods to schools free of charge in all regions of South Australia and also provides food to other charities for their School Breakfast Programs. Breakfast items provided free of charge to registered schools in South Australia through the School Breakfast Program include cereal, long-life milk, canned fruit, Vegemite, jam, fresh fruit and bread.


Mount Gambier North Primary School is just one of the 400 South Australian schools who benefit from Foodbank SA’s School Breakfast Program. The whole school community accesses the breakfast club – up to 30 hungry students attend each morning it is offered.

Simone Badenoch is the school’s Student Wellbeing Leader. She says hunger is a big issue for the school, so the food provided really helps to provide the basic human right for a child to be fed in order to be able to develop, focus and learn.

“For us, the benefit of the Foodbank program is to put food in hungry children’s bellies, and give them opportunities to learn to cook and prepare food and eat it,” she said.

The breakfast club helps children to develop independent cooking skills, work as a team and collaborate in preparing and cooking meals, as well as share food and try new food items.

The community also have access to the Foodbank SA Limestone Coast Food Hub and the benefits of that facility are felt within the school’s community too.

“A recent standout moment for us was when the local community donated $1000 so we could give out $20 Agency Pays vouchers to families. The generosity was heart-warming, as was the opportunity to put smiles on so many of our family’s faces,” says Simone.

“We would totally recommend Foodbank due to the positive effect it has on our school community.”

To learn more about the Foodbank School Breakfast Program and the work we are doing in South Australian schools visit our website.

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