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July 5, 2018

In April, Foodbank released its first ever research report on the prevalence of child hunger in Australia. ‘Rumbling Tummies’ found that more than 1 in 5 children (22%) have experienced hunger in the last year. Sadly, in South Australia it is more than 1 in 4 children experiencing hunger.  In fact, children are more likely to go hungry in Australia than an adult in 2018.

The Foodbank Rumbling Tummies Report found that hunger amongst children in Australia is more common than once imagined.

With data collated from more than a thousand Australian parents with children under the age of 15, Foodbank uncovered that the major factor driving the growing need for hunger relief in Australia is the rising cost of living. An unexpected bill or expense (52%) and house payments (38%) are two of the most prominent causes of food insecurity in homes with children under 15, the organisation found. 1 in 3 parents living in food insecure households disclosed that their children go hungry at least once a month.

In addition, at least once a week 18% of children from food insecure households go to school without eating breakfast, 15% go to school without a packed lunch or lunch money and 11% go to bed without eating any dinner.

Food insecurity can significantly impact a child’s wellbeing

Eating enough food is crucial for healthy growth and development, particularly amongst children. If a child does not have enough food, or enough healthy food, parents notice changes in their behaviour, and in their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Don’t let their hunger go unheard

Working together with farmers, food and grocery manufacturers, retailers and thousands of charities and schools, Foodbank sources and supplies 1.2 million meals each and every week for Australian families and individuals in their time of need.

However, with 65,000 people turned away from our charity partners each month, because there simply isn’t enough food, we urgently need your help.


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