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July 5, 2018

In May, Foodbank saw another busy Foodbank Pop Up in Elizabeth Downs, with 558 people representing more than 1313 vulnerable South Australians in need, around half of these being children.

BHP, one of our major supporters, sponsored the event and it was great to see so many of their team volunteering at the event. Along with the Knit & Natter group and the Community Foodies they helped to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the attendees.

We were able to distribute more than 8,356 kg of fruit, vegetables and assorted groceries in just under two hours. More than 40 volunteers helped to make the day a success for those involved.

In addition:

  • Adelaide Knit & Natter group distributed 1,010 knitted garments (including blankets, beanies, scarves & baby clothes)
  • Our wonderful BBQ team kept everyone well fed by cooking up nearly 500 sausages
  • Community Foodies handed out hundreds of cups of healthy fresh fruit salad

Thank you to BHP for sponsoring this event and to City of Playford for kindly allowing us to use their site.

Some appreciative messages from recipients who attended:

“I barely cope to feed my two girls and I miss two or three meals per week so that my kids can eat.  Thank you so, so much for your help with my family today” – Foodbank Pop Up (Elizabeth) attendee.

 “Much appreciated.  Nearly cry to see the coming together of the community and the Team Foodbank. Wow” – Foodbank Pop Up (Elizabeth) attendee.

 “This has been a Godsend to my husband and grandchildren. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts” – Foodbank Pop Up (Elizabeth) attendee.

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