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March 16, 2018

Foodbank SA is excited to announce that Beach Energy has come on board to sponsor a School Lunch Program in the Port Augusta and Whyalla region. In 2017 Foodbank SA rolled out its Pilot School Lunch Program in Schools in the area. It had been identified that children suffering food insecurity often required more than just breakfast if they were to be given an equal start in life. Through consultation with schools, it became apparent that a high number of children in the Port Augusta and Whyalla area were not eating lunch due to a lack of food availability. This was impacting on their school day, overall attendance and learning capabilities.

In response Foodbank SA rolled out the Pilot School Lunch Program which allowed students to prepare healthy lunch options alongside its School Breakfast Program. Students who attend breakfast club had the opportunity to make a sandwich for their lunch and also pick up fruit for snacks.

The School Lunch Program will continue in Whyalla, Port Augusta and surrounding areas in 2018 thanks to the sponsorship by Beach Energy. Their support ensures that Foodbank SA is able to provide lunch supplies to schools in the area.

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